Building a better tomorrow by harnessing the power of today...

The quality of solar has improved dramatically in recent years due to the growth of technological innovation within manufacturing. These advancements have made the next generation of solar more efficient and durable compared to older technology. Today, solar panels generate far more power in a given day and will last a minimum of 25 years. These benefits are the result of better formulations used in making the cells as well as improvements to the manufacturing process itself. Even though the basics of how solar panels work have changed very little over the years, the developments throughout manufacturing have made solar power systems a better investment than ever before...


How does solar work?

The photovoltaic (PV) or solar panels located on your homes roof absorb the sun's rays with semi-conducting silicon. The photovoltaic effect is a process where photo (light) is converted into voltage (electricity). The panels convert the solar energy into direct current or DC for your home's electricity. The DC is then transferred through an inverter, which then creates an alternating current (AC) the electricity needed for distributing and running the appliances and lights in your home.

What solar panels should I install?

Choosing the correct panel for your residential solar system is essential for optimal system reliability and performance. ecoSolargy solar panels are guaranteed to outperform conventional panels and have been tested in extreme conditions. As a vertically integrated solar panel manufacturer, every part of an ecoSolargy solar panel is individually manufactured and assembled at our facility to ensure exceptional quality control and product performance.

Advantages of using ecoSolargy Solar Panels for your residential system:

  • Industry Leading Energy Output
  • Proven Product Efficiency
  • Commercial grade solar photovoltaic panels on your roof
  • Transferable 25 Year Performance Warranty Guarantee

How can I reduce the cost of a Solar Installation?

  • Using guidance from the Appraisal Institute of America, a typical 5 kilowatt solar system will increase the value of your home by approximately $60,000 (without increasing property taxes) and can reduce or eliminate your utility bill.
  • Through the US Solar Incentives, installing solar electric panels on your home may entitle you to receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit and a substantial rebate check from your utility provider.
  • The combined IRS tax credit and solar rebate can cut the cost of your system by as much as 55%. However, rebate amounts will be dropping soon as the current tier quota is filled, so your application must be filed soon to reserve the highest rebate.

Renewable energy is the wave of the future. Installing solar on your residential property will contribute to a healthier environment for generations to come. Join ecoSolargy in their commitment to building a better tomorrow by harnessing the power of today!

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